Scheduling Software for Professional Services

Scheduling Software for Professional Services

Save time, win new clients, and accelerate business growth with Appointy

Eliminate scheduling back-and-forth, manage client data, boost employee productivity, accept online payments and automate marketing with our professional services software

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

No credit card required!
Our free plan is free forever.

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Scheduling software for professional services that can help firms across many different industries

Appointy makes it easier for professionals, consultants, and advisors to schedule 1:1 consultations, group meetings, virtual business-coaching and more

Business Consultants and Coaches

Business Consultants & Coaches

Financial Advisors & Services

Financial Advisors & Services

Attorneys & Law Firms

Attorneys & Law Firms



Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

IT Services

IT Services

Photographers and Designers

Photographers & Designers



Get a 24x7 online assistant to simplify appointment scheduling for you and your clients

Give your clients a frictionless booking experience and keep your appointment book full with Appointy’s online scheduling software for professional services

A professional setting its availability using online booking software for professional services

Step 1: Set your availability. Booking rules make it simple & flexible

Appointy helps you optimize your schedule so that there are no unfilled slots. Simply enter your availability, offered services and charges, and your booking page will be ready. Avoid overbooking with booking restrictions

A professional joining a zoom call through the link in appointment confirmation notification

Step 2: Share your booking link

Share your booking URL through emails, texts, brochures etc. Embed the booking widget on your website or add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business profiles

A client choosing an empty appointment slot on the booking portal

Step 3: Watch appointments roll-in. No more interruptions or double-bookings!

Clients can easily self-schedule single or recurring sessions and reschedule or cancel appointments online. Confirmed appointments are added to your calendar with our Google, Outlook, and iCal integrations

Steps to schedule an appointment using Appointy's professional services scheduling software

Automate business operations to reduce admin work and clock more billable hours

All-in-one appointment booking software gives professionals more time to work on projects, facilitates business management, and helps make data driven decisions


Calendar Management

View your schedule for the entire day/week/month at a glance with an intuitive, color-coded appointment calendar. Schedule new sessions in a click and reschedule with a simple drag-and-drop


Advance Booking Settings

Take complete control of your bookings and enjoy a better work-life balance. Cap number of sessions per client in a day/week, intelligently distribute sessions to staff, choose how much in advance clients can book/cancel, etc.


Appointment Notifications

Send clients automated appointment confirmations, reminders, and other updates via email or text to ensure they always stay on top of their upcoming sessions. Reduce no-shows or last minute cancellations significantly

Mobile app

Mobile App

Run your consultancy business from anywhere! Whether you’re attending a conference or hitting the gym, you can easily access your sessions, staff schedules, reports, etc. via Appointy’s admin app for Android and iOS

Employee management

Employee Management

Keep a track of your employees’ availability, schedules, productivity, and more. Give them separate login access to plan their week, manage their sessions, leaves, etc. on their own so that you don’t have to micro-manage


Inbuilt CRM

Easily access important client details using Appointy’s inbuilt CRM. Track their session history & past payments and refer to their digital notes, intake form answers and more, to understand their needs better

Online payments

Online Prepayments

Enable secure prepayment options for clients with popular payment gateways like Square, Paypal and Stripe. Charge a full/partial fee for your sessions to ensure that there are no casual bookings or late payments


Reporting and Analytics

Track key metrics like no. of appointments mom/yoy, new opportunities acquired, monthly sales, employee productivity, client satisfaction, and more using our reporting dashboard and make informed business decisions

Appointy connects with the apps you use daily to help you manage your business from a single place

Our professional services software integrates with popular and reliable video conferencing tools, payment gateways, social media, and various personal/work calendars
Different apps that integrates with Appointy's professional services software
Different apps that integrates with Appointy's tutor management software
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Different apps that integrates with Appointy's tutor management software

Let Appointy be your marketing manager and watch your business grow!

Maximize your business revenue with our appointment management software that helps you get more clients, deliver quality services and build lasting relationships
Book Now button on social media profiles like Facebook, instagram, Google MyBusiness

Win more clients

Leverage the most popular discovery platforms to boost your online presence. Connect with prospects by allowing them to book a consultation directly from your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business profiles. Appointy lets you add a ‘Book’ button to convert visitors into paying clients

Color palette plate on a customizable appointment booking page

Build your brand

Create a professional booking website for your advisory services that mirrors your brand. Display important information like services offered, pricing plans, consultant descriptions, client reviews, business details and more to build trust and ensure that clients make an informed decision

Client profile with details like company name, revenue, appointment history etc. stored in Appointy's inbuilt CRM

Deliver personalized consultations

Get important information from clients at the time of booking to prepare better before an appointment with intake forms. Store client details like company profile, business goals, challenges, budget, etc. in client notes to offer personalized advice. Segment client list based on their ticket size, market share, etc. & channelize your efforts to retain them

A professional providing a consultation session to its client through a video call

Expand to new markets

Offer virtual consultations with Appointy’s Zoom integration and cater to clients beyond your local audience. Clients can easily book 1:1 or group remote advisory sessions with you and the meeting details will be shared with the participants in the booking confirmation emails so that they can join with just a click!

A professional's online booking page with 5-star reviews and a review sharing option

Manage your online reputation

Automatically request reviews from clients to get feedback on their experience with your team. Share and promote 5-star reviews from happy customers on your booking website and social media to get quality referrals with no extra costs. Track and address negative reviews before they boil over

We also develop custom-made software fit for large firms and enterprises to cater to their custom branding and specific scheduling needs

55,000+ professionals and firms trust Appointy’s scheduling software worldwide


A user-friendly appointment app for everyone involved. I use Appointy to schedule appointments online, which really makes it easier for leads and clients to get in touch with me. I can use it for in-person meetings and calls. The Appointy platform is actually complete enough to serve as a website with company and service information.


Our office uses Appointy to schedule appointments for managers and teams. Appointy allows our office to allow scheduling via online channels such as Facebook. Having this interaction on social media has been a huge benefit for our workplace.

4 star review rating for Appointy by Merchant Maverick
4.5 star review rating for Appointy by Capterra
4.6 star review rating for Appointy by G2 Crowd
5 star review rating for Appointy by Google

Your peace of mind is our top priority!

Super Support

Super Support

Appointy is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are always available via email, chat and phone.

Multi location management

Multi-Location Management

We are ready to support your business at every stage of your growth. When you expand your business to multiple locations, Appointy allows easy management of all your center locations from a centralized admin portal

Free setup assistance and Easy Migration

Free Setup Assistance & Easy Migration

With easy onboarding and free personalized setup assistance from people who have onboarded thousands of consultants & advisory firms, you get started with Appointy in no time. Need to shift from your existing system? We take care of everything!



We take customer data security very seriously. Your data is safe, backed-up on cloud, and you retain its complete ownership. Our application is hosted on Google Cloud which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security

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No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

Our free plan is free forever.
No credit card required!

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