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Meeting Scheduling Software

Simplify finding a time that works for everyone and schedule meetings faster

Online meeting scheduler that eliminates the email back-and-forth, saves time, and helps you stay productive

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Two people struggling to find a common meeting time due to a schedule clash

Meeting scheduling made simple with a 3-step setup process

A person setting their availability using meeting scheduling software

Step 1: Set your availability. Booking rules make it simple and flexible

Simply enter your availability and your booking page will be ready. Add buffers, block-times, or irregular available hours to replicate your real-life schedule

A person embedding booking link on their website

Step 2: Share your booking link or embed it

Share your meeting booking URL in emails, email signatures, business cards, etc. or integrate it with your website, or social profiles like Facebook & Instagram

Clients selecting available time slots to schedule a meeting via the online booking page

Step 3: Schedule online

Anyone who wants to book meetings with you can view and select their preferred time slot. Confirmed appointments are added to your calendar

Steps to schedule an online meeting using Appointy's meeting scheduling app

One software for all your meeting scheduling needs

Appointy’s meeting booking software supports personal 1:1, round-robin, and group meetings for all types of teams

Personal meeting icon

Personal One-on-one Meetings

Allow invitees to schedule individual time slots for a 1:1 session

  • Consultants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Freelancers
  • Accountants
  • Student Services & Cells
  • Interview Scheduling
Group Meetings icon

Group Meetings

Host multiple invitees in the same session with our group scheduling feature

  • Remote Team Meetings
  • Online Events
  • Webinars
  • Conference Scheduling
  • Virtual Classes
  • Web meetings
Round-Robin meetings icon

Round-robin Meetings

Auto-assign meetings to your staff based on their availability and schedule using intelligent algorithms

  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Customer Success & Support Teams
  • IT & Business Operations Teams

Features that simplify online scheduling for you and your team

Put meeting scheduling on autopilot, reduce no shows, take data-driven decisions, and always stay on top of your day's schedule

A person using Appointy's online meeting scheduler putting meeting scheduling on autopilot
24*7 Meeting scheduler icon

24x7 Meeting Scheduler

A 24x7 online booking page gives invitees more flexibility to schedule time with you and your team. Invitees can book recurring meetings in one go, pay for their consultation sessions using integrated prepayment options like Square, Stripe, Paypal and modify meetings on their own

Meeting Calendar icon

Meeting Calendar

Know how your day/week/month looks like at a glance. Create new meetings with a click and reschedule with a simple drag-and-drop. Block unavailable times and connect your work calendar to personal calendar with our Google Cal, iCal, Outlook calendar integrations

Meeting Booking rules icon

Meeting Booking Rules

Flexible booking rules help you auto-assign meetings to the freest/busiest resource, cap number of sessions that can be booked per day or week, etc. Set minimum scheduling or cancellation notice so that there are no last-minute surprises and you have enough time to prepare

Meeting Reminders icon

Meeting Reminders

Send automated email and text reminders to all participants at preset times before a meeting to ensure everyone is better prepared and you start on time. Meeting reminders also reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 55%

Inbuilt CRM icon

Inbuilt CRM

Auto-create client records, save meeting notes, track prospect journey, and store important client info to deliver better pitches and close deals faster. Segment clients based on their scheduling actions and nurture them with targeted follow-ups

Reporting and Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Get clear insights on what drives invitees to engage - no more guesswork! Track important business metrics like number of meetings booked, team productivity, new clients acquired, client satisfaction score and more to take data-driven decisions

Virtual Meeting Scheduler icon

Virtual Meeting Scheduling

Appointy’s virtual meeting software integration with Zoom creates video conference links when a remote meeting or webinar is booked. A meeting link is displayed on the confirmation screen and sent in notifications so that participants can join with a click

Meeting Scheduling App icon

Meeting Scheduler App

Keep track of your meetings on the go. Appointy's booking software for iOS & Android mobile app lets you & your team view schedules for the day, & manage meetings from anywhere. Take control of payments, staff calendars, appointments, etc. via the meeting scheduling app

Intake Forms icon

Intake Forms

Ask additional information from your clients and invitees like their company details, revenue, number of employees, etc. before they book a meeting with you to prepare better for the session and deliver a personalized pitch deck

Appointy integrates with the apps you already use

Meeting scheduling tool that integrates with popular payments apps, personal and work calendars, and video conferencing tools

Multiple Payment Apps
Personal & Work Calendar
Video Conferencing Apps
Various apps that integrate with Appointy's Scheduling Software
Various apps that integrate with Appointy's Scheduling Software
Various apps that integrate with Appointy's Scheduling Software
Various apps that integrate with Appointy's Scheduling Software

Enterprise-grade online meeting software to support your unique scheduling needs

We develop tailor-made meeting scheduling solutions for high-performing teams to cater to large meeting volumes, multiple employees or locations, and complex workflows

Third Party Integrations icon

Third-Party Integrations

We build integrations with core systems that you work with every day to give you an all-in-one solution

End-to-end Branding icon

End-to-End Branding

We offer custom-branded and white labelled solutions that match your brand image

Custom Workflows icon

Custom Workflows

Our solution can be customized to cater to any specific scheduling needs of your company

Tailored features icon

Dedicated Support

Our support team will help on board and train your team, implement new features, troubleshoot, etc.

43,000+ individuals and teams around the world use Appointy to connect better

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My work schedule is quite erratic and I'm often running from one part of the office to the other side of the building. Aside from my projects and day-to-day tasks, I have weekly meetings with staff and other employees. I'm so glad we have Appointy which is a software that manages appointments. With Appointy's meeting scheduling software, I can oversee my schedule in one system and not get sidetracked with other matters. This system links to my Google calendar and even helps me with booking rooms for our meetings. I get a reminder each time and the software also checks to see if I need to make a recurring appointment.

Source: Capterra, by a verified user
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Appointy is the perfect platform to schedule meetings with my clients along with my services in such a way that allows them to decide the perfect time and allow me to prepare for the desired service they need. This online meeting scheduler has indeed made it possible for my clients to schedule their meetings with me on their own terms. Plus, there is little to be left desired by this app, it is absolutely perfect.

Arthur M., Founder, Marketing and Advertising
4 star review rating for Appointy by Merchant Maverick
4.5 star review rating for Appointy by Capterra
4.6 star review rating for Appointy by G2 Crowd
5 star review rating for Appointy by Google

Your peace of mind is our top priority!

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Super Support

Appointy is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are always available via email, chat, and phone

Multi-Location Management icon

Multi-Location Management

We are ready to support your company at every stage of its growth. When you expand to multiple locations, Appointy allows easy management of all your locations from a centralized admin portal

Setup assistance icon

Free Setup Assistance & Easy Migration

With easy onboarding and free personalized setup assistance from people who have onboarded many mid-enterprises & enterprises, you get started with Appointy in no time. Need to shift from your existing system? We take care of everything!

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We take customer data security very seriously. Your data is safe, backed-up on the cloud, and you retain its complete ownership. Our application is hosted on Google Cloud which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security

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