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Personal Training Scheduling Software

Manage and grow your studio without breaking a sweat!

Appointy’s easy-to-use personal trainer booking software lets you automate scheduling, payments, trainer management, marketing, and much more

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever

A personal training business owner handling admin work, social media bookings, reviews, etc.
5 star review rating for Appointy by Google
4.7 star review rating for Appointy by G2 Crowd
4.7 star review rating for Appointy by Capterra
5 star review rating for Appointy by Google
4.7 star review rating for Appointy by G2 Crowd
4.7 star review rating for Appointy by Capterra

Maximize productivity and keep your schedule full with Appointy

Our all-in-one personal trainer scheduling software helps you book more bootcamps and group sessions 24x7, automate daily tasks, and build a loyal client base

Widgets showing booking portal, appointment confirmation screen, booking calendar, etc.

Streamline your booking process and have complete control over your schedule

manage scheduling icon

Make scheduling easy and frictionless

Let clients self-schedule and manage their bookings online 24x7. Provide them the ease to schedule recurring sessions in one go with just a click

calendar scheduler icon

View bookings at a glance with an intuitive calendar

Manage your appointments with a color-coded calendar for any day, week, or month, and sync it with Google Cal, iCal, or Outlook

booking rules icon

Set booking rules and restrictions

Enforce booking limit per day, week, or month per client, maximum class capacity, and choose how much in advance clients can reschedule or cancel

appointment notifications icon

Reduce client no-shows

Protect your revenue by sending automated appointment alerts via text or email to clients at preset times

Client notes and intake forms with details like history, workout routine, major goals, etc.

Design personalized sessions by keeping track of your clients’ preferences

intake forms icon

Use digital intake forms to personalize every session

Prepare well in advance by asking clients to provide important info like medical condition, injuries, etc. at the time of booking

client profiles icon

Maintain dedicated client profiles to store key details

View all the client details like contact info, booking history, payment history, preferences, feedback, and more in one place

digital note-keeping icon

Say hello to digital note-keeping

Use client notes to keep session-related info like workout plan, dietary restrictions, progress, injuries, etc. at your fingertips

customer segments icon

Segment clients using tags

Group clients based on their progress, class type, loyalty, etc. to easily identify important clients and channelize your marketing efforts

Widget showing bookings via social media platforms, discount coupons, client reviews, etc.

Gain new clients and maximize retention with Appointy

online visibility icon

Increase your online visibility

Let clients easily discover you online and book directly from Google or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook

special offers icon

Create and push special offers in less than a minute

Maximize client engagement during lean periods or holidays by designing exciting deals and discounts

gift certificates icon

Sell attractive gift certificates online

Design gift cards from our ready-to-use templates and let clients gift your services to their loved ones on special occasions

online reputation icon

Boost your online reputation and increase credibility

Request reviews at the right time from happy clients and leverage them by sharing directly on your social media pages

Appointy-Zoom virtual personal training session widget with details like date, time, meeting URL

Offer online personal training sessions and reach a wider audience

online sessions icon

Host online sessions with our Zoom integration

Offer online fitness coaching and live stream classes using Zoom, and easily share auto-generated meeting links and session details with clients

control appointments icon

Take complete control of sessions

Configure meeting settings like automatic muting of participants upon joining, allowing them to join before the host, etc. well in advance

sharing option icon

Ensure clients never miss their sessions

Send automated Zoom session reminder email and text at preset times, and add the event to both your and your clients’ calendar

go international icon

Go international with Appointy!

Cater to international clients and let them view your availability in their timezone with our automatic timezone detection

Personal training booking app with calendar, resource management widgets, & payment gateway

Cut down on administrative tasks to increase your working hours

online payments icon

Easily accept payments online

Avoid casual bookings and cancellations by easily accepting prepayments online with Paypal, Square, or Stripe integrations

equipment management icon

Automate equipment management process

Link resources like dumbbells, exercise mat, etc. to sessions and auto-allocate them when an appointment is booked to avoid double bookings

staff management icon

Let staff manage their own schedules

Let your team view and manage their availability, leaves, and more with separate staff logins, while you track their productivity, sales, etc.

data anlaytics icon

Stay on top of your business performance

Track your key business metrics like no. of bookings in a week, month, or year, no. of cancellations and no-shows, satisfaction rate, etc. with real-time reports

mobile app icon

Manage your business from anywhere

Access your calendar, view client and session details, make bookings, and do more with a personal trainer scheduling app for Android and iOS

Pump up your online presence & get more bookings with our omnichannel integrations

Omni channel booking integrations with Appointy's personal training appointment scheduler

Facebook & Instagram

Let clients book you directly from social media! Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your business’s social media profiles and turn your profile visitors and followers into paying clients

Reserve with Google

List your business on Reserve with Google and let people find and book appointments with you directly from Google Search Page, Maps, or the RwG website


Appointy’s booking widget seamlessly integrates on your website without any additional tech support. Use our Google Analytics integration to track how many website visitors are booking appointments

Booking Page

Showcase your certifications, personal trainers’ qualifications, photos, reviews, e-gift cards, and more on your custom-branded booking page from Appointy that mirrors your brand

25,000+ business owners in the fitness industry use and trust Appointy worldwide

Your peace of mind is our top priority!

Super support icon

Super Support

Appointy is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are always available via email, chat, and phone

multi-location management icon

Multi-location Management

We are ready to support your personal training business at every stage of your growth. When you expand your business to multiple locations, Appointy allows easy management of all your business locations from a centralized admin portal

Easy migration icon

Free Setup Assistance & Easy Migration

We know the personal training industry well. With easy onboarding and free personalized setup assistance from people who have onboarded thousands of personal training businesses, you get started with Appointy in no time. Need to shift from your existing system? We take care of everything!

security icon


We take client data security very seriously. Your data is safe, backed-up on cloud, and you retain its complete ownership. Our application is hosted on Google Cloud which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security

Try Appointy’s personal training scheduling software.

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.