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Free up time spent over calls/emails to schedule sessions and classes. Automate scheduling, reduce no shows, and run your tutoring business more efficiently with Appointy

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.
No credit card required!
Our free plan is free forever.
Vector graphic showing a mobile screen with booked time slots, available time slots and a fully booked schedule of a tutor's Appointy booking page and a student using the mobile to schedule tutoring lesson online

Discover the easiest way to schedule tutoring sessions online

Take the friction out of your scheduling process with a 24x7 online booking system and dynamic availability
- Vector graphic showing a tutor setting his availability from 9 to 5 using tutor scheduling software
Step 1: Set your availability. Booking rules make it simple and flexible

Appointy helps you optimize your schedule completely so that there are no unfilled slots. Simply enter your availability and your booking page will be ready. Adjust the number of free slots in real-time based on tutor availability

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Step 2: Share your booking link or embed it

Share your booking URL with parents and students in emails, texts, brochures, etc. Add video-conferencing links in scheduling notifications so that students can join your virtual classroom with just a click

Vector graphic of a calendar on the tutor's online booking page showing available lesson slots and two booked slots. Parent is choosing the slot on behalf of the child
Step 3: Schedule hassle-free

Parents and students can self-schedule, cancel, and reschedule their kid’s in-center and online sessions 24×7, sign-up for recurring sessions, and book multiple kids at the same time. Confirmed appointments are added to your calendar

Scheduling features that save you time

Timezone Scheduler
Timezone Scheduler

Intelligent timezone detection ensures that everyone who wants to schedule with you can view your availability in their timezone

Group Scheduling
Group Scheduling

Specify class capacity and available time slots to take group sessions. Mark and save attendance details for all participants

Calendar Scheduler
Calendar Scheduler

Know how your day or week looks like at a glance. Add new sessions with a click and reschedule with simple drag-and-drop

Booking Automation
Booking Automation

Choose how much in advance parents can book/cancel sessions, limit no. of sessions per week, intelligently allocate staff, and more

Appointy integrates with the apps you already use

Online tutor scheduling software that integrates with popular payments apps, social media, video conferencing tools, and personal/ work calendars
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar

Put your tutoring business on autopilot with Appointy

Easy-to-use tutor management system to help you take virtual sessions, manage tutors and students, reduce no shows, and take data-driven decisions
Vector graphic of a character flying a plane on autopilot to show that Appointy's tutor management software reduces admin work and automates business management
Class Reminders
Class Reminders

Send automated email and text reminder notifications to parents before sessions to ensure kids attend lessons on time and reduce no shows

Class Scheduling App
Class Scheduling App

Access Appointy from anywhere using your PC, tablet or smartphone. Manage your bookings on-the-go with a fast and easy-to-use mobile scheduling app for Android and iOS

Manage Virtual Classes
Manage Virtual Classes

Share virtual class details with all your students when they book a session. Flexible session settings allow you to be compliant with local video-conferencing guidelines when teaching K-12 students

Student and Instructor Management
Student & Tutor Management

Maintain your client’s contact info, session details, payment history, session notes, etc. Monitor staff productivity and let tutors manage their own schedules

Online Prepayments
Online Prepayments

Don’t lose money due to last-minute cancellations. Enforce cancellation policies with pre-payments using Stripe, Paypal, and Square integrations

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Track total sessions booked, new students onboarded, sales, staff performance, student feedback, and satisfaction in real-time to make data-driven decisions for your tutoring business

Let Appointy be your business's marketing manager!

Inbuilt marketing tools to attract more students, engage with them and get quality referrals
Mobile screen showing Instagram and Facebook Business Page with a "Book" Button to attract and connect with new students

Get More Students

Leverage the most popular social media platforms to connect with new students. Add a "Book" button to your Facebook and Instagram business pages and convert visitors into paying customers

A screen showing appointment booking page and a color palette plate to show that the look and feel of the page can be customized to match tutoring business's brand

Build Your Brand

Customize the look-and-feel of your Appointy booking website to reflect your brand. Showcase tutor portfolios, reviews and choose a booking flow that fits your needs from our templates

A screen showing a student's profile with student details, session notes and other information stored in the CRM

Increase Student Engagement

Session notes help you deliver successful session and give personalized attention to all your students by remembering important details about them like their lesson plans, behavioral traits, responses, and more

Vector Graphic showing tutor selling class packs and promoting deals on their booking website to attract more students

Sell Class Packs and Coupons

Let parents purchase class packs to pay for your tutoring session. Leverage attractive offers and discounts to get more traction to your tutoring business

A screen showing an tutor's online booking page and 5-star reviews on the page

Get 5-star Reviews

Automatically request reviews from happy parents and students after a session. Promote these positive reviews on your social media with just a click

We also develop custom-made tutor scheduling software fit for tutoring agencies and franchises to cater to their custom branding and specific scheduling needs

5,100+ tutors and learning centers use Appointy worldwide

“My team and I tried 30+ scheduling software to find one that fits the unique needs of Mathnasiums - and Appointy stood out as the only viable option.

Appointy supports different appointment lengths, peak demand hours, weekly/monthly caps per customer, and seamless accommodation of @home and in-center appointments (to name a few).

It's a huge bonus that they have near 24/7 live chat support and are willing to go the extra mile in developing specific Mathnasium use case features.

My business provides tech support to over 300 Mathnasiums in the US and Canada and we've now on-boarded 130+ centers (with more joining weekly).”

“Appointy's user interface is intuitive and well-designed-- with nuanced features that cover any type of scheduling situation that I could think of.

I found Appointy at the onset of the COVID crisis when I was moving my learning center environment from in-person to online. These guys have incredible customer service and will even share your special requests with their development team.

One feature that I love is the intake form - new leads who wish to schedule with us using Appointy must fill out a form that I designed so that I have the information I need to be prepared for the potential client.

The pricing is a terrific value on top of it all. I wholeheartedly recommend Appointy!

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Your peace of mind is our top priority!

Super Support

Super Support

Appointy is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are always available via email, chat and phone

Multi-Location Management

Multi-Location Management

Appointy grows with your business. We cater to both private tutors and tutoring franchises. When you expand to multiple locations, Appointy allows easy management of all your locations from a centralized admin portal

Free Setup Assistance and Easy Migration

Free Setup Assistance & Easy Migration

With a quick onboarding and free personalized setup assistance from product experts who have onboarded several tutoring businesses, you get started with Appointy in no time. Need to shift from your existing system? Just let us know. We take care of everything!



We take customer data security very seriously. Your data is safe, backed-up on cloud, and you retain its complete ownership. Our application is hosted on Google Cloud which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security

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