Implement social distancing guidelines and adapt to the post-COVID19 world

Online scheduling software to help business owners and organizations manage occupancy, follow local safety guidelines, and reopen business after COVID19 with smart visitation management

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A customer wearing a mask books an appointment through the store's booking page on his mobile before going to the store. Store uses Apppointy's appointment scheduling software to take online appointments to follow social distancing guidelines during COVID-19

As the government-enforced restrictions are lifting, businesses everywhere are swamped with uncertainty on how to reopen while following the ever changing safety guidelines and shifting customer behaviour.

With local authorities recommending a shift to 100% appointment only, Appointy’s appointment scheduling software can help them navigate these challenging times with its flexible visitation management and social distancing solution.

Provide a safer experience to your customers and employees with Appointy

Maintain social distancing guidelines in-store

Maintain social distancing guidelines in-store

Manage priority slots for elderly and frontline workers

Manage priority slots for elderly & frontline workers

Contactless payments and customer check-in

Contactless payments and customer check-in

Calm guest anxiety and deliver better experiences

Calm guest anxiety and deliver better experiences

Adapt to the changing social distancing guidelines

Easy and flexible management of open hours and employee availability

Social distancing limits the number of people in one place at a given time. With Appointy, you can easily set your store’s operating hours, define appointment slots throughout the day, and control the maximum number of people who can enter premises during a defined slot.

You can also manually approve appointments to control appointment volume and ensure customer safety.

Screen showing Appointy appointment scheduling software's capacity booking feature with 3 available appointment slots for 10:30 AM for the day

Time-based arrivals

Allow customers to pre-book suitable time slots to avoid long wait-lines at your location

Waiting areas and long queues can be a virus hotspot. With Appointy, your customers can book a suitable time slot to visit through your business-branded 24x7 online booking portal.

Add a “Book Now” button on your website, Google My Business listing or social media pages for customers to easily find and book you. Ask customers to sign waiver-forms, and read safety guidelines before they book an appointment.

A Google My Business listing with a "Book" Button for customers to book directly from Google search, Maps and RwG website. Customers can read Covid-19 policy and sign a waiver form before booking an appointment.

Minimize physical contact. Go ‘digital’.

Contactless check-ins and online payments to reduce human interaction

Check-in customers when they arrive:
Customers can show their booking confirmations on mobile screens to your receptionist who can verify and easily check them in from the Appointy mobile app. They can also assign free slots to any walk-ins straight without any front-desk queries.

Contactless payments:
Business owners can calm guest anxiety over cash or credit card exchanges during checkout with online prepayments. Appointy integrates with Square, Stripe and Paypal.

Screen showing the appointment confirmation page with appointment details which is displayed after the customer pays for the appointment when booking an appointment. The online pre-payment page gives the option of choosing contactless payments through Appointy's payment integrations with Square, Stripe and Paypal.

Deliver safe customer experiences

Proper sanitation measures and delivery of safer experiences increase customer satisfaction

With widespread misinformation, customers will have countless safety concerns. Using Appointy, you can block times between appointments to sanitize workstations and request reviews that talk about your business’s safety precautions from customers. You can then promote these on your booking portal and social media with store photos.

You can also screen customers by asking additional information like medical history, travel history, age, etc. and get them to fill a waiver form. Appointy stores this in an integrated customer database so that you can track contacts easily.

Screen showing a customer's profile stored in Appointy's "Customer" module displays customer's appointment history, personal details and form answers regarding their travel history and any COVID-19 symptoms

Maintain a safe work environment for employees

Ease employee concerns with flexible schedules and a safe workplace

Appointy lets employees manage their own sick leaves, appointments, and schedules based on their convenience. This reduces their work-related anxiety and ensures productivity at all times.

Better distribute employees at your workplace. Limit the number of employees at a time by opening staggered working hours according to the customer load and flow.

All the features you need to thrive in the new normal

Email and text reminders
Email + Text reminders

Send automated email and text reminders to reduce no shows

Inbuilt Marketing
Inbuilt Marketing

Promote deals, discounts and sell gift cards to attract new customers

Booking website
Booking Website

Add service menu, staff profiles on your custom booking website 

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Track customer satisfaction, staff productivity, sales reports to take data-driven decisions

Calendar Management
Calendar Management

View your store’s entire day schedule at a glance and modify bookings with a click

Mobile Scheduling App
Mobile Scheduling App

Manage your bookings on-the-go with an easy-to-use scheduling app for Android and IOS

Booking Automation
Booking Automation

Limit number of appointments per day, set cancellation rules auto-assign staff using smart allocations

Online Meetings
Virtual appointments

Schedule virtual consultations and appointments using our Zoom integration

Social distancing enabled across industries

Local Businesses

Salons, spas, and fitness centers and other high-touch businesses offering services


Retail stores, supermarkets, fashion retail offering personal shopping experience


Government offices, banks, embassies and retirement homes

Tutors and Advisors
Tutors & Advisors

Teachers, professors, financial consultants offering virtual sessions

Free fast-track onboarding and 24x7 setup assistance

Our team of onboarding specialists are available through live chat, phone and emails to help you get up and running in as quickly as a single day.

Schedule a personalised setup assistance

Step 1: Schedule a personalized setup assistance

Tell us your state’s social distancing guidelines and your average and we’ll set up operating hours, open appointment slots, and define maximum occupancy limit for your business.

Add Appointy to your webite, Facebook and Instagram Business page and Google My Business

Step 2: Add Appointy to your website and social media

Add a “Book” button on Instagram, Facebook, and your business’s Google listings. Customize look and feel of your booking portal to mirror your brand

Go live and get bookings rolling in

Step 3: Go live and get bookings rolling in

Communicate appointments - only bookings to customers. Share booking links in emails with your store’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

Grow your business with Appointy

Step 4: Grow your business with Appointy

Revive your business in the “new normal”. Appointy can be easily customized to fit your specific business use-cases and requirements to grow your business

Setup online scheduling for your business

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