Discover the easiest way to schedule appointments with the #1 online booking system

Save time spent on coordinating appointments over phone and email with an all-in-one appointment booking software. Accept online bookings 24x7, automate payments, business management, marketing, and more!

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

No credit card required!
Our free plan is free forever.

Customer scheduling an appointment for a service using Appointy's online booking portal

Online appointment booking made simple with a 3-step setup process

Customer selecting an empty slot for appointment booking

Step 1: Set your availability. Booking rules make it simple and flexible

Simply enter the available services and working hours for you and your staff for your booking page to be ready. Add buffers, block-times, or irregular available hours to replicate your real-life schedule. No double bookings!

Business owner sharing his booking link to his customers for easy appointment scheduling

Step 2: Share your booking link with your customers or embed it

Share your online appointment booking page URL with your customers in emails, texts, brochures, etc. Start accepting appointments on your website by integrating Appointy’s booking widget on it. Add ‘Book Now’ button on your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business pages

Customer rescheduling/ cancelling his appointment on the booking portal in just one click

Step 3: Accept online bookings hassle-free 24x7 (55% people book outside business hours)!

Give customers the convenience to self schedule, cancel, reschedule and book recurring appointments using Appointy’s 24×7 online booking software. Send automated email and text reminders before appointments and reduce no-shows

Three steps of a customer journey that uses Appointy's Appointment Booking Software for scheduling appointments.

Appointy can serve almost any industry segment

Appointment booking system fit for all service-based local businesses, multi-location enterprises, franchises and more


Banking & Finance

Real Estate

Real Estate

communities and facilities

Communities & Facilities

medical office

Medical Office

pet services

Pet Services

home services and cleaning

Home Services & Cleaning

home services and cleaning

Business Operations



Advanced booking features to help you put your business on autopilot

With Appointy’s online booking software say goodbye to your pen-paper appointment book, save time, reduce no shows, and increase staff productivity

Appointy's admin portal, calendar and notifications page displayed on various devices
Online Booking System (6)

Online Booking System

Remove friction from your booking process by minimizing the communication gap with your customers. Your Appointy’s online booking page will allow them to view real-time availability for services so that they can pick a time of their own convenience easily

Calendar Scheduler

Calendar Scheduler

View appointments and staff schedules for any day/week/month at a glance. Easily identify gaps in your schedule to fill empty slots by accommodating walk-ins or promoting deals. Sync with your personal and professional calendars like Google Cal, iCal, Outlook & more

Appointment Alerts

Appointment Alerts

Receive instant notifications via sms, email, or straight in the app when an appointment is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. Your customers also receive automated appointment alerts so that they stay on top of their bookings without having to dial-in

Multi channel Bookings

Multi Channel Bookings

Accept online reservations from your business’s Google My Business listing using Reserve with Google. You can also add a ‘Book now’ button to your website, Facebook page and Instagram profile. Convert visitors to paying customers when they are highly engaged with your brand

No-show Protection

No-show Protection

Send automated email and text reminders to customers at preset times before each appointment to reduce no shows. With our Square, Stripe and Paypal integrations, you have the option to charge a full, part or a fixed amount as prepayment to avoid any casual bookings

Staff Scheduling & Management

Staff Scheduling & Management

Assign staff or manager roles to your team members and let them manage their own schedules, leaves, etc. Keep a constant tab on staff productivity, sales, and schedules. Auto-allocate online appointments to staff members based on intelligent algorithms to ensure maximum productivity

Resource Scheduling

Resource Scheduling

Link resources like spaces, rooms, facilities, equipments, etc. to services. Auto-allocate resources when an appointment is booked. Save time spent on manually managing your resources, keep them organized, and ensure they are never double booked.

Virtual Appointment Scheduling

Virtual Appointment Scheduling

Offer virtual appointments and online consultations to get business even when customers can’t come to your store. Our Zoom integration automatically creates and shares virtual appointment details with the attendees when they book an appointment with you

Appointment Booking App

Appointment Booking App

With Appointy’s Android & iOS mobile app you can carry your entire business in your pocket. Manage scheduling, payments, staff calendars, appointments, etc. via the app. Add appointments to your calendar even when you’re out for lunch. No laptop? No problem

Flexible booking settings allow you to have complete control over your schedule

Business Hour Settings

Business Hour Settings

You can control business hours at both the staff and service levels giving you the flexibility you need

Back to Back Bookings

Back to Back Bookings

Customers selecting multiple services will only be shown times where all chosen services can be availed together

Booking restrictions

Booking Restrictions

Choose how much in advance members can book/cancel, limit the number of bookings by a member, and more

Group Scheduling

Group Scheduling

Allow customers to schedule and pay for appointments for a group in a single transaction

Recurring Bookings

Recurring Bookings

Allow customers to schedule multiple future appointments in one go to ensure repeat business

Connect with the apps you use daily

Appointy’s online appointment system integrates with popular payments apps, social media, video conferencing tools, and personal/ work calendars
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Different apps that integrates with Appointy's tutor management software
Square Zapier Outlook Calendar Zoom Stripe Paypal Office 365 Google Calendar
Different apps that integrates with Appointy's tutor management software

More than just an online appointment booking system

Appointy has all the features you will need to attract new customers, turn them into regulars, and upsell easily

Deals and Discounts

Deals & Discounts

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Online Reputation Management (1)

Online Reputation Management

Customer Database Management

Customer Database Management

Intake Forms

Intake Forms

Customer Segmentation and Nurturingr segmentation (2)

Customer Segmentation & Nurturing

Mutilingual Personalized Booking Page

Multilingual Personalized Booking Page

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Meet your complex scheduling requirements with a custom-made enterprise-grade scheduling platform fit for large enterprises & chains, that can be scaled to handle large appointment volumes, multiple locations, resources, and more.

200,000+ customers trust Appointy for their appointment scheduling needs


I am extremely satisfied with Appointy.

The client booking software makes it super easy for my clients to use and book with me. I especially love their customer service, they always respond in a timely manner at all hours!

Before the trial was even complete, I had clients scheduled for my service, pay me through Paypal (linked easily) and connect via Zoom (also linked easily).


Great software to market your appointments on multiple platforms

Appointy’s appointment booking app is easy to use and also available for free!

I loved the integrations with multiple platforms like Google analytics, adding a book now on Instagram and especially a schedule directly from Google My Business.

Liked how Appointy easily automated my daily tasks by connecting to Zapier! I completely recommend Appointy.

4 star review rating for Appointy by Merchant Maverick
4.5 star review rating for Appointy by Capterra
4.6 star review rating for Appointy by G2 Crowd
5 star review rating for Appointy by Google

Your peace of mind is our top priority!

Super Support

Super Support

Appointy is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are always available via email, chat and phone

Multi location management

Multi-Location Management

Appointy grows with your business! When you expand your business to multiple locations, Appointy allows easy management of all your locations & clients from a centralized admin portal

Frame 14

Free Setup Assistance & Easy Migration

Easy onboarding and free personalized setup assistance from people who have onboarded thousands of businesses, you get started with Appointy in no time. Need to shift from your existing system? We take care of everything!



We take customer data security very seriously. Your data is safe, backed-up on cloud, and you retain its complete ownership. Our application is hosted on Google Cloud which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security

Frequently asked questions

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system allows the customers to book appointments with you or book your services through an online platform. Such a system allows the business owner/admin to control and oversee the availability of their services and the bookable hours that are available to the customers. An online scheduling software comes with an inbuilt reminder system that helps sending out automated email/SMS reminders to customers. Appointy is an advanced and free booking system that also allows the online booking portal to be customized to mirror your brand. 

Does Appointy offer client and admin appointment booking apps?

Yes, we offer both. In the client app, clients can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with you 24/7. In the admin app, the business owner/admin can stay on top of their business by keeping a check on their schedule – by creating, editing, or deleting appointments, setting bookable hours, checking booking history, running reports, etc.

How can I manage all the bookings that are made in the booking software?

You can have complete control over all the bookings that are made in the system. You can set flexible business hours at both the staff and service levels, set a limit on the number of bookings that can be made per client, and choose how much in advance clients can book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments.

Can I set specific availability for certain services, and not a regular one?

There are two types of availabilities that you can set for different services in the system: Regular availability and Irregular availability. In regular availability, you can set weekly schedules for the appointments which will repeat indefinitely, until it is manually changed. In irregular availability, you can enter a date specific availability of a service with a specific end date. This means the bookings for that service is not enabled indefinitely.

Can different staff members have their own login?

Yes, Appointy lets your staff members manage their bookings and schedule by enabling separate staff logins. The system allows the admin to automatically track staff schedules, productivity, etc.

Can I sync my personal calendar with an appointment booking system?

Yes. Appointy offers a two-way sync with personal and work calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and more. You can export bookings from Appointy to personal calendar, and also import bookings from your personal calendar to Appointy to block those times.

Can I add Appointy to my website or social media handles?

Yes, Appointy can help you get more customers by letting you add an iFrame or button widget on your website. You can also integrate it with your business profiles on Facebook and Instagram with our booking integrations. Here’s how you can do this.

Does Appointy also have a WordPress plugin?

Yes. Appointy extends its feature set to WordPress through its WordPress plugin which has over 100,000 downloads on

Which data formats are supported during migration from other software systems?

If you need to shift from an existing system, you can easily do it anytime by importing your customer data by uploading it as a CSV or .xlsx file.

How does the free trial work? What happens after it ends?

Appointy offers a 14-day free trial on all the premium plans. After the free trial period ends, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan as per your needs anytime. To know more about our paid plans and the features offered by us, click here

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Our free plan is free forever. No credit card required!

Our free plan is free forever.
No credit card required!

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