Appointy + Zoom Integration

Schedule your Zoom appointments, meetings, and classes efficiently

Appointy’s booking system for Zoom automatically creates video conference links and shares it with participants when a remote meeting, conference, webinar or online event is scheduled

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

No credit card required!
Our free plan is free forever.

Automate scheduling and stay productive with Appointy-Zoom integration

Zoom video-conference details created and shared when meeting is scheduled

Create and share a Zoom meeting automatically

Auto-generate Zoom meeting links and conference details when a virtual meeting is scheduled. The details will be sent in the automated confirmation and reminder emails/texts. The meeting will also be added to yours and your clients’ calendars

Zoom video-conference details created and shared when meeting is scheduled

Take complete control of your meetings

Configure the following meeting settings for every meeting type even before the meeting is scheduled:. mute participants, allow them to join before the host, automatically disable their videos, and more

Meeting settings can be set depending on the meeting type

Reduce no shows

Automated Zoom class and meeting reminders at preset times ensure that participants never miss their bookings again. You can choose to send them email, text, or calendar reminders using Appointy

Automated email and text meeting reminders reduce no shows

Update Zoom meeting details in real-time

Don't worry about multiple meeting links in case of rescheduling. Meeting details will automatically update in real-time when you reschedule

How to schedule a Zoom meeting?

Step 1

Connect your Zoom account with Appointy

Select the meetings/ appointment-types you want to create virtual meetings for and connect the Zoom user account from which you want to generate meeting links

Step 2

Participants receive Zoom meeting details

A new Zoom meeting is created at the time of meeting confirmation and its details are shared in the confirmation email with the invitees

Step 3

Host a Zoom meeting, video conference, or seminar

Clients can join your virtual meeting or class by clicking on the Zoom link and their Zoom meeting software will be launched

Appointy and Zoom integration can help teams everywhere work better

Sales & Marketing Teams

Sales & Marketing Teams

Don’t let prospects forget about product/services with virtual product demos, webinars, sync-ups, etc. Automated reminders include joining info to ensure they don’t miss their meetings

Work from Home Teams

Virtual Businesses

Engage your clients and build a new audience while providing virtual services from home. Stay connected with your team to take regular updates and ensure productivity

Tutors & Professors

Tutors & Professors

Share virtual class details with all your students when they sign up for a session or class with you. Flexible meeting settings help you comply with local video-conferencing guidelines

Customer Success Teams
Customer Success Teams

Allow clients to schedule guided setup assistance sessions, troubleshooting calls, feature walk-through and provide 5-star support for your services even while working from home

Consultants and Advisors
Consultants and Advisors

Go digital and let clients book face- to-face virtual consultation sessions with you. Collect additional information at the time of booking using digital consultation forms

Virtual Fitness Coaches
Virtual Fitness Coaches

Host live yoga, online events, zumba classes, or virtual personal training sessions with the Appointy’s Zoom scheduling integration to keep your members fit wherever they are

We also develop tailor-made video conference scheduling software fit for large teams and enterprises


Does Zoom have a scheduling software integration?

Yes! Appointy is a powerful booking system with Zoom integration. Your clients can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel Zoom meetings, appointments, and classes using our 24×7 online scheduler. The Zoom meeting details are sent to your clients in booking confirmation and reminder emails, and are also added to your calendar.

Is the Zoom integration included in Appointy's free plan?

Yes, Zoom integration is available in Appointy’s free plan!

Does the Zoom integration work on mobile devices?

Yes. Both the staff and the client can easily join a Zoom meeting with the Zoom desktop app, the browser version, or through a mobile device.

How do I connect my Appointy account with Zoom?

Log into your Appointy admin account > Click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab > Click on ‘Zoom Meetings’ > Click on the ‘Connect’ icon > Log into your Zoom account > Click on ‘Allow’ to give permissions and connect Appointy with your Zoom account.

Can I accept prepayments for Zoom meetings, appointments, or classes?

You can let customers pre-pay the full/partial amount for their Zoom meetings, appointments, or classes when they book by using our Square, Stripe, and Paypal integrations.

Can I connect a Zoom user ID with multiple staff members?

Currently only the Appointy account admin can connect their Zoom account with their Appointy account from our marketplace. When a Zoom account has multiple users, the admin has an option to choose which Zoom user ID they want to map with which Appointy staff profile.

Do booking notifications sent to clients include the Zoom meeting link?

Yes, the confirmation and reminder emails can be customized to include the Zoom meeting link using smarty tags. The email customization feature is available in our paid plans. Here’s the step by step process to add the Zoom meeting link to the email.

Can I take virtual group bookings using Appointy & Zoom’s integration?

Yes! When a virtual group booking is made in Appointy, the entire group receives the same Zoom meeting ID, which is sent to everyone in the booking confirmation and reminder emails.

Note: To know more about our Zoom integration, visit our help article here. You can also initiate a chat from the bottom right of this page. Our support team will be happy to assist you!

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No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

No credit card required!
Our free plan is free forever.

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